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Michalis A. Dimitrakopoulos

“Experience, Expertise & Mindset to Excel”

Welcome to Michalis A. Dimitrakopoulos Law firm


Years of Experience

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Fields of Expertise

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Mr. Michalis A. Dimitrakopoulos established his office in the year of 1987, carrying on the family’s long tradition in law that roots back in 1941, when his father Anastasios Dimitrakopoulos registered for the first time with the Bar Association of Athens.


Call us now, to book your appointment with one of our legal consultants.

+30 210-721 12 18  or   +30 210-722 48 22

Fields of Expertise

Best law practices | Expertise in various law fields | Great results


Criminal Law

Our law firm is distinguished for the legal services it offers in the field of Criminal Law, having handled serious cases that have intensely occupied public opinion and public life.


Civil Law

Our law firm employs lawyers, specialized in every individual field of civil law providing solutions to civil cases, for issues related to the law of obligation, property law, succession law and family law.


Commercial & Corporate Law

Our law firm is specialized in corporate governance issues, mergers, divisions and acquisitions of companies as well as the redaction of commercial contracts.

More than 30 Years of Strong Media Presence

Michalis Dimitrakopoulos Law Firm is distinguished for the exceptional quality of the legal services provided.

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